At Real Change Solutions, our expertise is rooted in decades of work with multinational biopharmaceutical, high-tech, infrastructure, and consumer goods companies. We have:

• Turned around a messy post-merger integration by creating a focused, fully-aligned team that shared a strategic vision and could effectively develop and manage unified operations.

• Enabled a global leader in the biopharmaceutical industry to recover from an accounting scandal that resulted in top leadership changes, sent its stock plummeting, and led to monitoring by a federal judge.

• Realigned and integrated functions, processes, systems, and people for a major pharmaceutical company to consolidate 2,500 employees from seven sites to three in the face of a major strategy change, an acquisition, and significant budget constraints. Our work resulted in enhanced collaboration, increased productivity, and cost savings.

• Reengineered the product costing, product management, and revenue recognition processes and systems at a leading global technology company, restoring accuracy, accountability, and recovering $500 million in profit.

• Created and led post-acquisition change management and integration, resulting in leadership alignment, harmonization of processes, systems, and policies, simplification, increased efficiencies, and sustainable results.

• Partnered with the global finance leaders at a major pharmaceutical company to transition from a decentralized to a centralized structure while implementing the Sarbanes-Oxley Act amid tight time constraints and a culture shift that impacted 1,500 finance employees in 53 countries.

• Engineered and directed the transition of a 5,000-person global technology customer service team from a free to a break-even business model under sensitive conditions where the risk of losing key people was high.

• Coached, influenced, and enabled a dysfunctional leader and his team to gain trust and work together to drive critical results while coping with major strategic change and executives near the breaking point.

• Conducted organization assessment, identified major pain points and solutions, and coached key executives for a global product marketing organization, resulting in a high performing executive team, increased talent capability, realigned resources against priorities, and an engaged workforce.

• Redefined and implemented customer engagement, communication and training processes, roles, and accountabilities for a high-tech company with operations in the US & EU, reducing service calls by more than 80% and rescuing major accounts.

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